Mr. P. A. Inamdar

Social Worker
Legal Luminary
Medical Visionary

Present Positions

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Know Me

“If you refuse to drink from the fountain of knowledge, you’ll die of thirst in the desert of ignorance!”

P A Inamdar’s thirst has been slaked not simply because he drank deeply from the fountain, but has chosen to create many such fountains for others to drink from! With a never-say-die spirit from which stems deep rooted spirituality where he feels ordained to be the messiah of positivity, Inamdar has risen from the depths of indescribable poverty to attain the pinnacle of success. He then decided to leave his varied business interests in the able hands of his three sons and concentrate on bringing his knowledge, business acumen, and contacts to help educate the poor and needy, especially the girl child regardless of caste creed community or color.

Outstanding Achievements

    • He has been appointed by Government of India on the Planning Commission’s working group on higher education for the twelfth five year plan period 2012-2017. He is also a member of the high powered National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education.

    • He is single-handedly responsible for bringing 60 Muslim Communities in the Official Government list of OBC’s thereby enabling thousands of Muslim youth to take the advantages offered by the government of India to OBC’s in the field of reservation of government employment and educational institutes.

    • As Chairman of Muslim Co-op Bank, Pune, he has been instrumental in increasing the deposits of the Bank from Rs 6 Crores to Rs 400 Crores. He has also added 20 branches to the Muslim Co-op Bank, Pune, thereby increasing the branch strength from 4 branches to 24 branches.

    • His innovative housing, finance, and educational schemes have resulted in at least one youth in every Muslim family in Pune city being benefited either educationally, employment-wise or from the housing angle, due to his efforts. He is thus credited with not only changing the face of the Muslim Community in Pune but also changing the thinking process of the Muslim Community.

    • He is responsible for the transformation of “Azam Campus”, Pune, from a barren stretch of 23 acres of land running 2 primary and 2 high schools into a beehive of educational activity where today, 32 educational institutions including 9 Professional Colleges exist.

True Spirit of Mr. Inamdar

Inamdar is visible only upon a visit to any one Institution with which he is connected. Be it Azam Campus, or Muslim co-op Bank, the greenery speaks about his commitment to Cleanliness and environmental issues; the finances speak about his financial genius; the merit list and achievements whether of the students or staff, speak about his commitment, dedication and perseverance; the absolute confidence and authority of all the administrative and management staff nurtured by him, speaks volumes about his managerial ability; and the mixed group of students and staff coming from all castes, creed and religions speak about his secular nature. Institutions controlled by Mr. Inamdar are what Mr. Inamdar is: Clean, Green, Progressive and Giving with bias towards none and Charity towards all.


  • An orator par excellence, Mr. Inamdar has a unique oratorical style comparable to none.

  • He has delivered lectures and speeches not only across the length and breadth of India but globally as well.

  • He is as comfortable giving a speech in his native Kannada as he is in delivering a lecture in Hindi, Urdu, English or Marathi.


A Philanthropist


  • A philanthropist by nature he has donated generously for the establishment of educational institutions across India.

  • A never say no to help, he has also helped in the establishment of a number of hospitals, orphanages and charitable trusts in India.

Knowledge of Comparative Religion


  • Mr. Inamdar has a comprehensive knowledge of all religious scriptures and laws and is an accepted authority on discussions on comparative religion with a view to achieving intercommunity harmony. He believes, if God is one, his message to all mankind is ONE.