Best of the best


Best of the best

All of you have seen milk, but look at it beyond milk. I see it as the student community, a vast looming part of our nation. Like milk, these students need to be cared for. Once they are pasteurized, the creamy layer can be removed, and cooked further to make butter from the cream, this buttery layer can be nurtured even further and turned to clarified butter….!

From this butter you can go a step further and make clarified butter or “ghee” and then sweets from that too. My point being simple, from a sea of students one needs to have the ability and capability to select the best and then nurture them further to get the best out of the best, and only by doing this can we secure the future of this great nation called India.

It is this selected lot, by the process of churning and cooking, literally going through the heat,which will ensure that we have the kind of people. with the right intellect to take us forward into the next millennium. For this we need to broaden our outlook and invest for that future. Look at how we take in the students at Azam Campus and then begin to work on them.

They come from poor backgrounds, yet even at the tender age of four have their own email accounts and have even passed out of MSCIT exams. What makes them do that? It is their own innate brilliance which is eked out by our band of teachers who nurture them, and then our campus, which shows the way. We have 2500 computers, all networked and as Mr Vivek Sawant, Founder-Director and MD of the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited , on a visit to the campus last month, said, “One networked computer has the power of 4!” So you can imagine, the kind of power we have and how we positively, every day, unleash that power to the poor and needy students.

You can call it the milky way of magic if you please!