Understanding India & Indian Muslims


Understanding India & Indian Muslims

Firstly lets us understand that all Hindus and Muslims in India, to take two major religions in consideration, are not literate. Some are and some are not. Moreover both are not financially well off Hence illiteracy; economic backwardness should be considered as a holistic Indian problem undivided by community. After 26th Jan 1950, rule of law was brought in and implemented. Our leaders had no experience to rule. However a sub-continent, now almost a full continent like India, has achieved the kind of progress which during Mughal, British, Adilshahi, Nizamshahi, Qutubshahi period of a thousand years we could not even have dreamt of.

Facts speak for themselves. For example in 1947 with a population of 330 million, we were importing food grains, today with a 1200 million population, we are exporting them. That sir is no mean progress.

Our girls’ education ratio, prior to 1950 was 1%. Today it is 60%. Let us take any field of activity, the progress shown is mind-boggling. We must admit that in the world, for Muslims, the best country is India. The freedom in every field with a Constitutional guarantee is nowhere to be seen in any other Muslim Country.

Let us also agree that a huge amount of wealth was created in our country during last 20 years. This wealth has also percolated down to the last Indian. There is no dispute that equitable distribution hasn’t been done. However this has always remained a distant dream or a problem for Governments for centuries. I know we have not got enough. However it is equally true about others as well. May be few received more and many received less.

Whether those who received less were themselves responsible is also a question to be pondered on and answers to be ascertained. This will bring new approach to resolving their problems. The overall negative approach spoken about and written on creates an inferiority complex in youth and this further adds to negative thinking which is not healthy for any community.

I agree there is an ill feeling for Muslims globally. However in India this is true in respect of every community. If there is communal feeling, it exists among all the communities and it is a challenge to be resolved by all of us by understanding the Aayats (verses) of the Holy Quran which were revealed during the Meccan period and not to be resolved on the Aayats (verses) of Madinian period.

As an Indian Muslim, I can vouch for the fact that we have equal rights in India in respect of everything, hence if we are lagging behind (which I don’t agree) we should hold ourselves responsible and take remedial steps. Then there will be no scope for any social, educational or economic backwardness.