Why this negativity ji?


Why this negativity ji?

I admit having borrowed this blog title from the newest cult classic song that’s taken the world by storm, “Why this Kolaveri Di?” . The writer, publisher and singer of the song felt strongly about what they did and I do too about what I think. Why this negativity ji! We have as a tribe, and this includes all of us, begun to think negatively. We just raise our hackles and criticise, everything right from the cup of tea we drink to the politics we see, the games we play and the music we hear.

Quite frankly I have always thought different. Look at our history, what we have not achieved in 2000 years, we have managed to do so in just under sixty. For this great achievement I laud our constitution, and our judiciary for keeping it alive. I say my salaams to all those who have ruled India democratically in these tumultuously progressive six decades . Each one has contributed to make this sub-Continent great.

Expressways, electricity, education, transport, business, bourses, infrastructure, connectivity, and even religious integration are no mean feats and by God, the magicians who have graced our Parliament regardless of party affiliations have waved their wands to give us what our forefathers didn’t even dare dream about. Yet we complain. We are negative.

Just take the example of a breed of businessmen we call builders. They have been reviled by one and all, but take Pune as an example, you had “peths” which were more or less ghettos for communities that would have taken years to dismantle , but this breed has brought about a change, they have built housing complexes where these “pethkars” have moved into and now live in harmony. Divali faral is as anxiously awaited in Moslem households as “sheerkhurma” at their Hindu brethren’s place. So clap for this community, instead of blackening their existence.

Let us resolve to burn negativity at the altar of truth, and I assure you the flames that leap out will shed the light of positiveness in the darkest corner of humanity like never before. No more ”negativity ji !”Amen to that.